Are Grillz Safe to Wear?

Fashion is one of those things that you always want to get right. If you are struggling to make sure that you stay on top of the trends, a recent one that may have gotten your attention is grillz. Also known as grills, these are teeth covers that clip on over your existing teeth. For some, it is a single tooth. For others, it is a series of teeth. But are they safe to wear?

Here is what you need to know.

Are grillz safe for wear every day?

To date, there is no research that suggests that grillz are not safe to wear every day. Most people do wear them at least when they are out and about, though few wear them overnight. If you are having permanent grillz put on, though, you will want to make sure it is done by a licensed professional that can answer all of your questions and concerns before they put them on for good. Also, make sure you get a checkup and cleaning before you do! Just to be on the safe side.

Tips for wearing grillz effectively

If you want to make the most out of your fashion grillz, you are going to want to follow these helpful tips and advice to help you keep yourself safe and healthy, but still give you the fashion flair that you are looking for!

Make sure you are using the right materials: Not all grillz are made equal. Some metals could be damaging if they are scraping over your teeth regularly. Be careful to go with the right metals to help protect your teeth’s strength.

Floss and brush carefully: When you are brushing your teeth, do not forget to carefully brush your grillz along the top and floss delicately, too. It will be easy for food and bacteria to get stuck up there. Better yet, remove them before eating and brush your teeth and floss before putting them back in.

Care for your grills like you would for any dental appliance: Technically your grillz should be protected and cleaned just like braces or a retainer or a partial plate, etc. Clean them with proper disinfectants and make sure that you watch them for signs of wear and tear so that you can replace them with new ones if you need to.

Fashion is important and grillz are certainly a fashionable option when you are in the right crowd.

Whatever you decide is right for you, these tips will help you keep yourself safe. If you have any questions regarding your grillz or how to care for them properly, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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