How to Clean Solid Gold Grillz

You don’t need to tell us how amazing Grillz are, we totally understand how much you love them! However, a crucial part of making sure that you can continue to enjoy them is that they should always stay comfortable to wear. If you aren’t cleaning your gold grillz properly, you’ll find yourself dealing with issues such as cavities, and even dulled grillz that are going to make them look old quickly. So, let’s take a moment and learn how to properly clean your gold grillz.

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning is a good habit to get into. Not only is it fast and simple, but it’s also going to mean that you don’t have to save as much time for deep cleaning. After all, if you clean your grillz on a regular basis, they’re going to stay fresh longer.

You’ll want to rinse them in warm water (not hot or cold) and then use a soft toothbrush to gently brush the inside and outside of the grillz. Get all of the angles that you can and then rinse it out with fresh warm water. Pat it dry with a soft towel.

Deep cleaning

When you find yourself needing to do a deeper clean (this should be done if you notice a bad odour or if the grillz just don’t seem to look their best), you’ll want to start by following the same instructions as above. Then, drop the grillz into a glass full of hydrogen peroxide and let it soak there for 5 minutes. Take the grillz out and rinse them off. Brush them again with warm water, rinse, and then pat them dry.

This solution is helpful as it can get rid of those really stubborn bacteria particles that traditional water will not be able to get out. It’s also great if you’ve been ill or you’re a smoker.


Every once in a while, you’ll want to consider polishing your gold grillz. It’ll help them look their best in terms of a glossy finish and it’s a nice way to care for them too. When choosing your polish, make extra sure that you go with a non-toxic one, since these will be going in your mouth, after all. You’ll want to use your soft toothbrush to gently swirl circles around the outside the grillz. Don’t scrub, just gently swirl the brush around with even pressure.

Once finished, rinse your brush and grillz off and let air dry for a streak-free finish. They’ll look shiny and new all over again.

There’s so much that is great about gold grillz, but caring for them properly is going to be important for making sure that you are getting the most out of them, both in terms of their look, but also their style and the financial investment that you’ve made! From daily cleaning to deep cleaning to polish, these steps are all going to help keep them looking their best.

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