Which Celebrities Wear the Best Grillz?

Fashionable, classic and so distinctive, grillz are still incredibly popular even in today’s day and age. While they’ve been around seriously since the 1980s, this is one of those trends that just hasn’t gone out of style and in such a good way. They’re so popular that even celebrities have been known to donne a few pairs of them and hit the red carpet. And you know that if the celebs are doing it, then it’s definitely a trend you’re going to want to grab yourself! Take a look for yourself


This pop star has been seen with a few kinds of grillz, all of which are fantastic and glamorous. Her most talked-about pair were silver fangs that use careful accents to help draw the eye. Her other popular pair that was the inspiration for a lot of aspiring fashion leaders were a diamond grillz look, but only on her lower teeth.


Another popular celeb that went big with her grillz style, Rhianna is known first for her gold upper grillz in the shape of a gun, and straight black-tipped ones for the lower teeth. She also has a pair of plain silver grillz, though these ones are not made from real silver.


Madonna is most famous for her beautiful gold and diamond-encrusted grillz that are mesmerizing and photograph perfectly. These include the two front teeth and two teeth on either side as well. This is the pair that she wears the most for photographs.


Sparkling gold, Nelly’s grillz are pretty much thought to be the most famous ever. Why? Because he wrote a song named “Grillz” and it was grammy-nominated. That’s how much this popstar loves his grillz! There are lots of photos of him with them and we have to admit, they’re pretty incredible!

Katy Perry

She may not sport hers very often, but Katy’s grillz are certainly eye-catching. With touches of gold and fun jewels, hers are colourful decorations that really go well with just about any outfit. Subtle yet still fashionable, hers are well-loved by those who love the bedazzled effect.

Miley Cyrus

This popstar is known for her wild trends, but the grillz look oddly quiet on her -- in a good way, of course. She’s got three different styles and the one that she most often wears is her classy set, which features gold on either end and silver tips on the tops of the teeth.

Grillz are perfect for showing off your personality or making a statement -- or both. Regardless of how you go about expressing yourself, grillz are going to be the ideal accessory to do it for you. You just need to choose what features you love most.

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